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  • Hi Jena,

    Great photos, thank you for sharing. I know you are not a self-promoter but  you can win a $50 gift card by getting more than a couple of people to like your photos.  Each photo has a  unique URL that you can share by email or in the Iowa Group on American Grove.  The contest is on until June 1st.   I suggest picking your favorite to represent your tree passion and share that one.  

    Neil, American Grove Administrator

  • Hi Jena,

    You and Don Richardson have inspired a new member category, called Treemendous Contributor for posting great content!  Your profile is now marked with the badge of honor, an oak tree. 

    American Grove Online Administrator

  • Hi Jena....
    Miss your photos. Hope to see you back on The Grove soon. 

  • Jena - I love looking at your photographs!!!  Keep 'em coming!
  • Yea, thanks for joining the KY Grove - you have so many amazing pictures.  Looking forward to seeing more and great to meet you!
  • Hi again...

    Didn't see your message earlier. Thanks for friending me. The Gallery is not created yet, but as soon as I can find 10 arborglyph-related photos posted by anyone on The Grove, I'll create theGallery on my page but preferably hve The Grove ceate an all-member Photo Gallery section whre we post photos by theme rather than mix them all together as we do now. As honorary member #2 of the exclusive VIP Arborglyph Gallery Photo Team, I'll keep you posted when I have enough photos to create the gallery and lauch the "grand opening"! Keep posting great photos - I enjoy seeing nature through Eastern Kentucky eyes.
  • Hi Jena...

    Arborglyph is a nice technical-sounding term.  I wonder if we need to create a new term for romantic acts of "tree graffiti" to distinguish them from other kinds. In your case, I'm pleased that it has remained a loving family memory - longer-lasting than getting a tattoo for the same sentiment!

  • It's very nice to discover this website, not everyone loves trees the way I do!!
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