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  • Greg,
    We are a LandPlanning and Landscape Architecture firm we specialize in design and planning only within a structure of 4 studios. Visit our web site to see more.
  • Thanks for joining the Grove, Greg. Please help us spread the word about what a great website The Grove is.
  • I think you did a great job with navigating The Grove. I hope it is a useful tool for all of Georgia's communities. You will love the pen and ink print of the Yarborough Oak. I'll get it in the mail to you. It's a $35 dollar value. See you in Athens again sometime.
  • Congratulations Greg! You were the first person to join The Georgia Grove and become My Friend after yesterday's Community Forestry Roundtable in the City of Jefferson. You will receive a poster of a pen and ink drawing of the Yarborough Oak formerly located in the City of Oxford. It was a beautiful tree and the pen and ink by Barry Nehr is amazing as well. In my photo album, I have a picture of one of the seedlings grown from the tree. The pen and ink is compliments of the Georgia Urban Forest Council. Thanks for joining! My best, Susan
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