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  • Happy World Forest Day 2018! 

    At Arcadia EcoHome, we are proud for working hard to establish & maintain our homestead forest with 500+ trees, shrubs and wines plus countless groundcovers in our victory garden which is a certified Wildlife Habitat, Pollinator Garden, Bee Friendly Farm, and Ocean Friendly Garden. The forest also serves as a carbon and water sink. The backyard fruit forest alone has 200+ fruit trees and their flowers are enjoyed by bees, butterflies and birds.   

  • Thanks for your message. I hope you do get to meet Yujuan. She is so knowledgable about urban trees and she is a fantastic person. We have had her speak at Georgia Urban Forest Council conferences.

    Happy planting!

    I Am TreePeople: Yujuan Chen
    Meet TreePeople's new Sr. Manager of Urban Forestry Policy and learn how she’s working to make LA a cooler, healthier place to live.
  • Thank you, Edward. I have a co-worker from China and I asked him to read your name for me. He said you might be from Taiwan? My friend, Yujuan Chen, just moved to LA to work for TreePeople in Urban Forest Policy. She specializes in urban soils. Happy Arbor Week, California!

  • Happy California Arbor Day! Happy California Arbor Week!

    Today, March 7, the California Arbor Day 2018, kicks off the celebration of the Arbor Week from March 7 to 14, and it is the time for planting trees to build up eco-services and restore green carbon sinks in our communities and on our plant.

    To sustain and expand our local food forest for all beings at Arcadia EcoHome, in the past week I as an Arbor Day Foundation's Tree Planter and a member of American Grove and California Urban Forests Council, I have planted 11 "butterfly, bee & bird friendly" trees in the front yard and transplanted 20+ greenhouse saplings to the avocado & citrus groves in the rear yard. 

  • Hi Edward, 

    Welcome to American Grove.  Please pardon my not posting your blog.  When I went to approve I accidentally deleted it.  It was a really great piece and I hope you will repost it.  Thank You,

    Neil Norton

    American Grove Admin

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