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  • Hi Don, you and Jena have inspired a new member category, called Treemendous Contributor,  for posting great content!  Your profile is now marked with the badge of honor, an oak tree.  American Grove Online Administrator

  • Thanks for the prompting Don!!!!  I need to brush off and get back in the Grove saddle!!!!  Promise to post soon - thanks for the reminder.  : )

  • Great!  Then you had the best t-shirt there!  Stay tuned for GreenUP.  I think we are going to shoot for the spring.  Will call you soon.
  • It's good to hear back from you......yes, please let me know when you get ready for the 'tree graffitti'

    I'm glad to know that you like seeing my nature pics of SE Kentucky, too........;)

  • Teehee....'Arborglyphs', I meant to say......sorry, it's something I do.........forgive me ;)
  • Thanks Don,

    I am glad you like the new resource page.  Yes I will foward to all admins to collect their content via the Grove Gazette, the e newsletter I publish.  I will add you to it as well if that is OK.   One feature I would love but we have limited budget is to create is a one page summary of guidelines for different tree issues like tree planting, creating tree ordinances, pruning, etc.   If you know a good source of something like this, lay it on me.  Thanks.  N


    "Hi Neil...
    Resources & Tree Links look great. Hope you invite all the grove admins to forward their current monthly or quarterly state newsletters to be posted. I'll be sure to suggest a PDF on some
    urban forestry practice or issue shortly. Thanks for adding value to the site with this new feature."


  • Yes, Green Memphis Solidarity.
    Cya @ Forest Faire.
  • Oops forgot to leave my name on that last one, Nick from Lakeland
  • Hey Don,
    I'm workin as admin for both the WTUFC and the UT MUF group sites. Did you participate in the Master Urban Forestry Group? I thought that you may have.
  • I had hoped for a facebook page but there was a little resistance to that. This is probably the next best thing though seeing as it links together Urban Forestry professionals from all over the South.

    Thanks Don
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