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  •  This Saturday I conducted a Raingarden Workshop with Justin Kenney from WNRCD.  It was held at Gardener's Supply in Burlington.  I met a girl there from the Intervale Nursey, and asked her if she would join our Grove and spread the word about some of the plantings they are doing this spring / summer!

  • Hi Danielle. Just letting you know I sent American Grove info to fellow Peacham Tree Board members to see if they are interested.
  • Thanks! I am trying to change photo and add a comment
  • Yeah......we're friends! 

  • Great meeting!  It might be a while until the carbon thing sorts itself out, but I'm glad we know where its at.
  • Hi Danielle, Welcome to The Grove! I am excited to be working with you all on this project. I'll send you the template you requested. My best, Susan
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