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  • Hi Brandt,

    Welcome to American Grove.  I think you meant to post your picture to your profile and not to the gallery which is generally reserved for pictures of trees and people planting trees.  To post to your profile follow the instructiosn below. 

    How do I create a profile picture?
    - Click on "My Page" in the top tool bar
    - Click on "Manage My Photo" on the left-hand column
    - Hit the "Browse" button to locate the photo on your computer
    - Once you have selected a photo, click on the green "Save" button on the bottom of the page

  • Hi Brandt,

    I am The Grove Online Community Manager. Welcome!  I hope you enjoy some of the amazing photos, videos, and blogs our community posts about trees.  Check out our tree links and tree selector to learn more about trees.  I also hope you share some of your tree passion!  Feel free to ask me any questions.  Neil

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