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  • Thanks for your comment, Neil!  I uploaded ten images of my ecoprints created from tree leaves for you to see:

  • Glad that you like it. It's a pleasure to share something of value for people who have great concern about nature. I will surely write again for The Grove. Thank you very much:)

  • Thanks Neil! Digging the monthly top content section you have set up.

  • Thank you!

  • Thanks so much - glad to be part of your community!  Am currently taking a Horticulture Class at Gwinnett Technical College with Aaron Poulsen.  Hope to use your website as a great resource and networking opportunity.

  • Thanks for the welcome, Neil. I've no idea how City of Atlanta describes skill sets, thankfully, and I'm still defining this new role as Senior Arborist in Office of Parks. While our two field Arborists will focus more on Forestry operations (tree risk assessment, code enforcement, and arboricultural prescription,) I'm undertaking most of our reforestation on public lands (i.e. contract management and audit.)

  • Great to be a part of the American Grove family. I'm so glad there is a place online where I can communicate with other Tree Huggers and Nature lovers and share our passions. Keep up the great work that you do and I will try to hold up my end of the bargain as well (won't be too hard, lol). More pictures from my hometown of Los Angeles coming soon.

    Treely yours,


  • Ah, thanks for the tip, and for replying to my little rant.  I finally found the spot to post a comment on someone's profile.  I agree that non-members, especially, should not be able to send messages to members.  I am not sure what the platform engine will support, but perhaps it could be possible to reply discreetly to emails between members, to maintain a continuous thread.  It was frustrating not to be able to reply directly to Laura's request.  I did end up posting a comment with an email address on one of Laura's posts and we have gotten together on her request.  Of course, the address has now been exposed to the public which is not ideal.

    Also, thank you for adding the badge on the profile photo.  I agree it does look nifty.

  • 1080123478.jpeg?width=530

    I Love the Ash Trees color this time of year!

  • Hello-

    I'm a new member.

    The link in the message I received from you this morning, to link to the Colorado group, displayed this message:

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    -Is it an issue on my end, or yours?


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