American Grove

American Grove

Let's share our best ideas for places to see Tennessee's fall colors! What do you think? Have you ever been on the Norris Dam State Park fall color lake cruise? It's fun and affordable.

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Great suggestion Liz, but kinda hard to pick favorites. I've enjoyed autumn views in every Tenn state park I've visited during the season, not to mention any spot in Cherokee NF or the Smokies.

But to pin me down this time, I will suggest to those who wish to venture out this fall from their usual favorite places to check out Pickett Rustic State Park and adjacent Big South Fork NRA and visit one of the many trails to a natural arch or rock overhang OR head west to our future state park at Randolph Bluff, last undeveloped public bluff on Tenn's west "coast" and enjoy the fall sunset over the mighty Mississippi.
Anywhere in East Tennessee...enough said!!! :)
Hi Don,
I didn't know about Randolph Bluff. Of course, I don't get to West TN too often, but I would be interested next time I'm in the area. Pickett is a great state park!
Have you been to Max Patch in the Cherokee National Forest? I guess that may technically be North Carolina, but you can definitely see TN from up there!
Max Patch Mountain is gorgeous. Tennessee Sierra Club holds summer meetings at Sterchi Lodge just downhill every few years and I've been fortunate to attend twice. Never been in the fall but can easily imagine how utterly breathtaking it would be.
Late, great Tennessee naturalist Arthur Smith of Johnson City said Roan Mountain and Max Patch were two places every Tennessean must visit during their lifetime. I agree.


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