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It seems like the more expensive the nursery the more trouble we have keeping something alive.  In May we bought a Ninebark and a Annabelle azalea from a well known/well publicized nursery in Greensboro.


The Annabelle we put in the ground as instructed and cared for as instructed.  Seems it died.


The Nine Bark we put in a huge pot, otherwise according to instructions (we feared putting a tree in the ground in late May/early June with the weather we've been having.  All summer it has struggled and remains near death.  Should we try to put it in the ground for the fall or give up and return it and the Annabelle?



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Well, you certainly had to be very dilligent this summer keeping up on the watering, especially on something in full sun, that has been newly transplanted, and at least for a week's time. Sometimes you have to cover up a transplant, to a degree, the first few days, especially in weather like we had. And that is my opinion, which I guess is what goes here????? I am a Master Gardener Volunteer - Intern. Yeah.
I think you would be better served by returning the dead material and seeing if you can get replacements. I'm sure you know that azaleas like it acidic and well-drained. Also, be sure you are not planting too deeply or the material itself isn't buried in the pot. In the nursery it is growing in acidic pine bark potting medium, not really soil, and it's getting lots of regular water. the exctess water drains right out.

if you take that same plant and put it in heavy clay, it may be sitting in water, although the clay shoudl have the right pH.

I recommend getting a lot of peat worked in and making sure you have positive drainage. - Alex Johnson


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