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Through the Iowa Grove we share urban forestry educational resources, upcoming events and all of your photos, videos, discussions and questions. You can also create your own profile, photo “groves” of trees you have planted to commemorate special events, and communicate with your fellow tree enthusiasts here in Iowa and across the country.

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The motto of the Iowa Department of Natural Resource's Bureau of Forestry is to serve the people by caring for their forest resources. To that end, the Bureau of Forestry offers a variety of programs and services that assist public and private landowners, both rural and urban, to manage and protect their trees and related resources.

The Iowa Urban and Community Forestry Council
is an advisory group on urban and community forestry issues, policies and needs.

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Please join the Iowa group by clicking "join group" above.  We love to have organizations, as well as individuals,  join so that they can post their events and comments.


Find more photos like this on American Grove


Check out our Iowa Resources page.  It has publications, research, and links about Iowa Urban Forestry and tree care.  The highlighted link is Quicklook:  the Emerald Ash borer

QUICKLOOK: The Emerald Ash Borer from Jesse Byerly on Vimeo.


 There are a variety of Residential Tree Distribution Events going on throughout the state each spring and fall.  The Fall  distributions are currently taking orders, so check out how you can plant trees in your yard at a discounted rate.

For Grants and Funding Opportunities, please visit our new page


  If you are interested in learning more about how to care for your trees, please go to the Iowa Workshops, Training, and Field Days page.  


Check out our partner websites: Iowa DNR Urban Forestry or Iowa Urban And Community Forestry Advisory Council websites.


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