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American Grove

Seven Burlington students took honors in the sixth annual Aldo Leopold Writing and Art Contest. Ezra Reynolds took first in photography; Parker Hanks, Sasha Zelinski, and Alex Furnald took the top places for their essays; and Ethan Orth, Abbey Timberlake, and Brennan Creelman won for their poetry. 

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Hi LaVon - It would be great if the winning students would post their photos, essays, and poetry as blog posts!

Okay. How do they do that? Gotta say I'm not highly tech savvy, so could you give me some guidance?



If they join the iowa grove, then they can go to "my page." At the top, the can share a blog post, photo, or event.  They just click on blog post or photo, then they can copy and paste their essay or poem into the box, and put a title, and they can upload a photo as well.  If they don't want to join as members, then you can do this on their behalf as well.

I think it may have been my sister, Chris, who babysat.  She called me while I was at your event, and said to say hello.


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