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This season I was able to find many sources of pecans in my City, Decatur.  I have discovered that there is a community of people that harvest public pecans that I would observe on different occasions.  It made me realize how many beautiful old Pecan Trees reside in our City.  Unfortunately, many are coming down as they are in their final years of decline.  In my 15 years here I have never planted a Pecan despite planting many trees every year for our local tree non-profit (Trees Atlanta) or myself.  Why are Pecans not planted more often????

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Greg Levine of Trees Atlanta says they are difficult to propagate in nuseries because the produce a large tap root.  Interesting. 

A grower in Commerce is advertising bare-root pecan trees, grown from seed. His ad is in eBay classifieds. The photo in the ad shows the tap roots cut. I don't know how this might affect future root development and stability of tree.

I've heard that pecan trees grown from seed develop a more beautiful and perhaps a stronger canopy than a grafted pecan bred for nut production. This advice came from an octogenarian who had a magnificent pecan grove on his small property he planted about 60 years ago.   

We certainly used to plant a lot of them.  On my street in Kirkwood (Atlanta, GA) there are 4 or 5 houses in a row with even age Pecans.  Must have been an old farm/orchard/grove.  I see this quite often around the city.

ps- where in Atlanta/Decatur would y'all say the biggest Pecan is?  I've nominated one in Brookwood Hills to the champion tree list, but I'm sure there's a bigger one (this one is about 8' x 125')

According to Trees Atlanta the largest in Atlanta is 156 inches in circumference at 936 Drewry Street Atlanta, GA, 30306.  Go to for more info.  

also check out


for more listings. If the tree is just a special tree but not a champion I recommend nominating it to


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