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Become a Canopy Keeper - Adopt a Tree

Become a Canopy Keeper - Adopt a Tree New trees planted near your property need your assistance to survive. Residents and businesses are responsible for maintaining property to the street; see the DCMR rule 21-702. By submitting the agreement…

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Planting When No One’s Looking

There is no shortage of pictures – a number of which I've taken myself – of children planting trees with big smiles on their faces, maybe singing a song as they go. Or perhaps the picture is of college students or a neighborhood group putting a few hours of volunteer time in on a Saturday. Such photos and the events from which they derive are the stock-in-trade of promotion in our industry. These planting efforts are extremely important for exciting the public, making sure all populations are…

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Canopy Keepers Tree Adoption Update

We at the District Department of Transportation's Urban Forestry Administration (DDOT Trees) run a street tree adoption program called Canopy Keepers. Residents and businesses of Washington, DC who agree to water young trees at least once a week for their first two years receive a free 10-gallon slow-drip tree ring to help with their efforts. We have had some inquiries lately that I want to address to make sure everybody involved in or interested in the Canopy Keeper program is on the same…

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  • Heyyy DC Grove!!...Hoping all is well in your neck-of-the-woods.  Great news! ~ We are in search of GREEN-EDUCATORS & SCHOOLYARD MENTOR-LEADERS interested in becoming a DC Landscape for Life Trainer.

    Soon, DC Urban Mentor-Leaders will be jump-starting our summer tours.  All tours and field trips will be utilized to strengthen the bonds and increase the # of helping hands to our local farmer's markets, schoolyard, community/majestic gardens.  As well as our study-group sessions to begin PREP'N for the (5)Week 'Landscape for Life Train-the-Trainer' series - hosted by The LadyBird Wild Life Center conducts this course every year during the start of the Fall season.  It's a virtual class and highly interactive {below is the link to course materials}.

    So we figured we'd study through the summer to begin warmly introducing such content to those of Greater DC - because surely the hot-pursuit of such a pristine learning-adventure should come with a smiling 'tour-guide' ;0) ... We've discovered that by doing so; makes for a magical learning experience, as well as higher synergy when it comes time for our Trainers/Urban-Mentors to share/teach in-the-GREEN.  

    Should you have any questions, desire(s) to join us or just obtain additional information - you are SO welcome to contact us (301) 899-0713 or - we're GreenPeople too!  And we just absolutely love GREEN-conversations, teachings, and collaborations. 


  • Washington Yu Ying PCS  posts some great news about a emerging Urban Forests. Check out t...

    Hello again, The Grove!

    We here at Yu Ying have been working hard on the final cleanup and replanting for 2012, in our Nature Center.  Our one acre lot is now (almost) free of trash and permeable paths have been installed to allow students a safer and more beautiful walk to the school.  Our number one goal has been to create a fully functioning, educational urban forest for our students to learn from, but we are also happy to announce that our new paths allow our students to be dropped off behind the school instead of on the very busy street in front of the school, provided a much needed functional benefit.

    Since our last post, we have also done a round of replanting with all native species of understory species and a few new trees.  Thanks to a lot of very muddy volunteer hours from our staff and parents, we have planted almost 300 new plants, including dogwoods, different viburnum, ferns, spicebush, a lot of different forest-edge flowers and plants that will work to produce nectar and attract more wildlife.  We'll be posting pictures of our new plantings as we get the time.

    Also...we wanted to leave a special thank you to all of our partners that have provided advice, volunteer hours, funding or materials thus far: US Forest Service International Programs, University of Minnesota, Earth Sangha, Project Learning Tree, DC Department of the Environment, Hands On DC, Indiana University DC Alumni and our amazing parent community who has been patient with us and helped throughout the entire process.


    TWO STAFF RECEIVE ARBORIST CERTIFICATION | Arborist-Auditor Katie Heffernan and tree planting crew member Josh Singer passed their International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) exams and are now certified

    The new certifications bring the total number of ISA-certified arborists on staff to eight. 

    {via CaseyTrees Newsletter: The Leaflet}

  • Green Apple Day of Service at Payne Elementary

    September 29th: 14th Street Southeast Washington, DC 20003 (closest metro stations: Potomac Ave. and Stadium Armory)

    Heyyyy Grove-Family!!!  Please COME HANG-OUT WITH US!!! ~ We are soooo looking forward to meeting-up with YOU!!! 

    Here's to the GreenAppleTrees @Payne Elementary!!! 

    Click to REGISTER: USGBC - National Capital Region Chapter

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