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Florida highway treescape

Would anyone mind sharing their thoughts on the use of palm species throughout Florida for all DOT projects? It is my understanding that landscaping designs for the state will focus on using large trees rather than shrubs or grasses to minimize maintenance and to standardize the overall Florida look. Personally I would like to see native trees local to various parts of the state incorporated back into these road projects.

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  • Is your point that DOT is using too many palms, or not enough palms, or the wrong palms?

    Cabbage palms are certainly native and naturally abundant south of Gainesville along I-75 and anywhere south of the GA line along I-95. Closer to Fort Pierce and Fort Myers, royal palms are appropriate.

    Someone mentioned economics and that is certainly a valid point. How many 4" DBH live oaks can you buy for the cost of one 10' clear trunk royal palm? Appropriate palms could certainly be used as accents to hardwood or pine plantings rather than installing a mile of royals at $2k each ...

    Back in tne 1980's, the Florida Division of Forestry planted miles of pine tress along the interstate corridors in an effort to reforest and to provide a future wood income. Today, miles of those mature trees are being cut down and mulched on-site prior to expanding stormwater retention ponds. So much for timber income or green buffer ...
  • Kristal,

    I agree with you, but it's all about economics.

    Kevin Boldenow

  • Hi Kristal,

    I will post your question in the Florida Grove. I agree with you on changing character of trees depending on location.


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