Wiltondale Oak

Nominated by: Leo Avery Excenrode

I would like to nominate the Wiltondale Oak. It's a White Oak located on the front lawn of 514 Yarmouth Rd. in Towson, MD 21286. This community was built in the 1930's and the land was originally a horse farm. The only thing remaining of this farm is this Oak tree. It's at least 300 years old. It has a girth of 15 feet 6 inches. It's height is 80 feet with a spread of 90 feet. You can spot it immediately, it certainly stands out! In 1976 it was declared to be one of the oldest trees in the state of Maryland and it is on the list of Bicentennial Trees.

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2015's Winner

That Tree was the winner of the 2015 Great American Tree Competition.