That Tree

Nominated by: Mark Hirsch

That Tree is a famous Bur Oak located across from 1276 Airport Road in Platteville, WI. 53818. That Tree is 53' tall. The canopy is 75' wide. This tree is special because it has survived almost 200 years residing in the middle of a Wisconsin cornfield. This tree is featured in the book That Tree by Mark Hirsch. Hirsch photographed this tree every day for a year resulting in a book that chronicles a year in the life of the tree. He has continued to photograph the tree and posts the photos on his Facebook page at This tree has been featured in news articles and broadcast stories by some of the most noted media outlets in the world. It has also been featured by The Sierra Club and most recently by The Nature Conservancy. Plus, it is a really cool tree. There are 41,000 people following her photo and news posts on Facebook.

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2015's Winner

That Tree was the winner of the 2015 Great American Tree Competition.