Amazing Butternut Tree

Nominated by: David Hunter, Oregon

The tree is amazing. I have keyed the species of your tree out and your tree is a Butternut, White Walnut or Oil nut are the common names. Scientific name is Juglans cinerea.

The tree is close to being a record for its size. I measured the tree to be 96’ 3” tall. The diameter of the tree is 94” at 26’ above ground. Measured at 6 ½’ above ground: the east limb diameter is 48”, the north limb is 40” diameter, west limb is 57” diameter and the northwest limb is 61” diameter before it splits into two limbs at 9’. The tree is 96’ 3” tall.

The canopy spread (length from center of tree to the edge of the canopy growth or drip line): for the south side was 78’, the west side was 68’, north side was 69’, and the east side was 69.5’. Average is 71.125’ Canopy Spread.

Your Butternut tree is just short of what my reference book stated for a tree of this caliper as a record, but it is very close to it. It was a privilege to be able to prune the tree, take before and after pictures, and be able to measure the tree. I will mention this tree to fellow arborists at an arborist conference I will be attending at the end of this month who are interested in big trees.

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2015's Winner

That Tree was the winner of the 2015 Great American Tree Competition.