Great American Tree 2017

2017 Great American Tree

This year’s Great American Tree competition had 30 charming nominations, all who uniquely defined what it means to be a summer tree. Our top five trees with the most member votes were Memorable Magnoila, Rhea Water Oak, White Oak of Tennessee, Pentz Pecan, and Magnolia Macrophylla.

Thanks to all the tree-enthusiast throughout our nation who contributed entries to our 3nd annual competition. Your participation is important to our organization dedicated to flourishing urban forests.

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Memorable Magnolia

A magnolia tree is summer!
Beauty, peace, and memories of my grandmother are what the grandiflora magnolia and her sister tree that sit in my front yard mean to me.
My home is named Magnolia Place for the twin grandiflora magnolias that have graced her lawn for over 150 years.  You can't miss them, for they are giants; and truly a site to see.
Through the years countless generations of children have played and climbed her sturdy branches, and looked up in awe at her canopy.  She has been home to a tree house and rope swings. She has heard endless giggles and laughter.  She has endured the sweltering heat, and long droughts, and she has not complained.  She is a true Southern lady.
I hear my grandmother telling me not to slam the screen door as I run outside to play.  Before long she would bring chocolate chip cookies and sweet tea.There we would
sit in the glider; chattering away about any thought that came into my mind. (forever in the presence of the magnolia tree)
I guess for me, a magnolia tree is the best of summer; being able to sit with family and enjoying the passing of the day.  If I had a wish , it would be for everyone to have their own magnolia tree and to be able to experience the joy and peace that comes with it.
Bob and Jett Turner of Somerville, TN are the Keepers of this majestic  tree  (15 foot trunk girth, 80 foot crown diameter
and 73 foot tall)

Nominated by: Jett Turner
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  • Blessed is the town of Somerville to be graced by such beautiful living things as these.
  • Beautiful trees was married under these beautiful trees 30 years ago.
  • Beautiful!
  • Jett I love these twins the beautiful Magnolias
  • I grew up with this manificent tree and now one of my best life-time friends is its caretaker and so proud!
    Good Luck, Jett!
  • Absolutely beautiful - love it.

  • It is a beauty. Good luck!
  • I have always loved this tree! It is beautiful, just like the home and family that live there!!

  • I know this beautiful tree!! I know the wonderful family and visited there many times .

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First Place goes to Pentz Pecan (or softshell hickory) from Sommerville, Tennessee. 

2nd place goes to Magnolia Macrophylla from Woodland's garden in Atlanta Georgia

3rd place awarded to a Tennessee White Oak