Great American Tree 2017

2017 Great American Tree

This year’s Great American Tree competition had 30 charming nominations, all who uniquely defined what it means to be a summer tree. Our top five trees with the most member votes were Memorable Magnoila, Rhea Water Oak, White Oak of Tennessee, Pentz Pecan, and Magnolia Macrophylla.

Thanks to all the tree-enthusiast throughout our nation who contributed entries to our 3nd annual competition. Your participation is important to our organization dedicated to flourishing urban forests.

Click a photo below to learn more about each unique entry.

The Great Redwoods

The Great American Tree to me is the Sequoia sempervirens, also known as the Coastal Redwood. These trees grow along the northern coast of California and southwestern Oregon. This photo was taken in Humboldt County, CA, and these trees are an estimated 220' tall, and 8' thick- but they can get much bigger. These fantastic trees draw visitors from around the world, and we can proudly call them our very own. Richly colored trunks soar skyward so that their branches cluster together far above you; their canopies provide a beautiful setting for summer hikes, picnics, and camping. These beautiful trees incite a sense of spirit, adventure, and enthusiam for the great outdoors.

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First Place goes to Pentz Pecan (or softshell hickory) from Sommerville, Tennessee. 

2nd place goes to Magnolia Macrophylla from Woodland's garden in Atlanta Georgia

3rd place awarded to a Tennessee White Oak