Great American Tree 2017

2017 Great American Tree

This year’s Great American Tree competition had 30 charming nominations, all who uniquely defined what it means to be a summer tree. Our top five trees with the most member votes were Memorable Magnoila, Rhea Water Oak, White Oak of Tennessee, Pentz Pecan, and Magnolia Macrophylla.

Thanks to all the tree-enthusiast throughout our nation who contributed entries to our 3nd annual competition. Your participation is important to our organization dedicated to flourishing urban forests.

Click a photo below to learn more about each unique entry.

Silver Maple from Valencia Pennsylvania

This neighborhood tree has been climbed by many youth throughout its life. It provides a sense of place, cool shade in the summer, clean air, and helps keep the streets from flooding, while sheltering wildlife. On summer nights it glows with fireflies and the sounds of katydid insects. It brings life to the neighborhood and reminds us how small we are. 

It is approximately 88 feet tall and has a 136 inch circumference (43 inch diameter) trunk. 

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  • It's so wonderful that so many children have this tree in their memories.  Thanks so much for posting.

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First Place goes to Pentz Pecan (or softshell hickory) from Sommerville, Tennessee. 

2nd place goes to Magnolia Macrophylla from Woodland's garden in Atlanta Georgia

3rd place awarded to a Tennessee White Oak