Great American Tree Competition

This year’s Great American Tree competition had some absolutely beautiful nominations, many of which exemplify this year's theme of unique fall color. Our top five trees with the most member votes were Bessemer City’s Cedar Tree, Largest Tree in Arkansas, White Oak of Wisconsin, Rancho Cucamonga’s Live Oak, and Ginkgo of Agnes Scott College.

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Bessemer City’s Deodar Cedar tree

Tree species: Cedar tree (Deodar Cedar)

Tree size: 48 inches in diameter

Tree’s location: 101-199 West Virginia Avenue, Bessemer City, NC 28016 

It is with great pleasure that I nominate Bessemer City’s Deodar Cedar tree for the Great American Tree. The Deodar Cedar tree, located in Bessemer City, has been around for many years. The tree has a dynamic diameter of 48 inches, and is located in the middle of the City’s downtown scenic area, 101-199 West Virginia Avenue, Bessemer City, NC 28016.

For many years the Great Deodar Cedar tree served as the City with a heart’s beacon of light during the glorious Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. The Tree Light Ceremony is a rather small, dignified event whereby beautiful lights are strobed from limb to limb and seasonal hymns are sang harmoniously. Every year this occasion continues to foster an environment where citizens can come together, fellowship, and promote City wide pride and citizenship during the holiday season.

The Great Deodar Cedar tree has stood the test of time in the face of hardship. August 2003 Bessemer City endured a terrible ice storm, and the tree suffered a substantial amount of damage. The damage took a heavy toll on the tree, so much so that officials had discussed possible operations of removing the tree and raising another. However, over the years with the support of administrators and citizens, the great Deodar has gained its health and has prospered for over a decade after the terrible ice storm. #ProudToBeBC  

Submitted by: Hydeia Hayes

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2016's Winner

The Largest Tree in Arkansas, a champion bald cypress, was voted The 2016 Great American Tree.