Great American Tree Competition

This year’s Great American Tree competition had some absolutely beautiful nominations, many of which exemplify this year's theme of unique fall color. Our top five trees with the most member votes were Bessemer City’s Cedar Tree, Largest Tree in Arkansas, White Oak of Wisconsin, Rancho Cucamonga’s Live Oak, and Ginkgo of Agnes Scott College.

Click a photo below to learn more about each unique entry.

Orange Tree of California

Species: Citrus sinensis

Size: height reaching 21 feet

Location: Fresno, California 

Description: When I was 5 years old my immediate family moved from California to Georgia. While the move was I hard, I knew I would always return to the beauitful west coast for reunions and vacations. Whenever I have the luxury of visiting my hometown I never miss a chance to admire the beautiful orange trees. This tree reminds me of a carefree childhood. This photo of a healthy orange tree brings me back to a time of running barefoot seeking refuge from the hot California sun, enjoying a citrus snack. 

Submitted by: Kyra Lawrence

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2016's Winner

The Largest Tree in Arkansas, a champion bald cypress, was voted The 2016 Great American Tree.