Best Managment Practices

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 Six Great Wildfire Adaptation Resources in Spanish: It’s About More Than Word-for-Word Translations

Looking for a clear and grammatically correct wildfire guide? Well we got several! Click the link above to view 6 wilderness preparation guides, in spanish!

Green Infrastructure – A Move Toward Sustainability

This excellent article by Terri L. Turner, AICP, CFM  proves how green infrastructure provides long-term sustainable benefits.

The Road to  a Thoughful Street Tree Master Plan

This exciting, new publication was co-authored by Ken Simons, a landscape architect, and Gary Johnson, a professor of urban forestry, as a primer and gude of sorts for communities that have the opportunity to develop or change, yet may not have the expertise or background to it effectively.  Written as a very pragmatic guide to selecting and placing trees in streetscapes, it emphasizes not only the architectural nature of street tree design, but it goes to great lenghts to help the user create an extensive list of credentials that the trees must have to fulfill the design.  Also available as a webcast.

Impact of Mulches on Landscape Plants and the Environment- A Review

If you don’t think mulching is important for urban trees, you need to review this excellent review of scientific literture that demonstrates the amazing benefits mulching around new planted and existing urban trees.   A must read for all arborists, landscape architects, and urban foresters.   Written and compiled by Linda Chalker-Scott of Washington State University.

UGA’s Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources

- Community Forestry

Extensive publications library about community forestry.  Many articles on tree biology and how trees react to construction, pruning, drought, compaction, and more.  Also contains articles on topics like tree values and tree benefits.

Bonestroo Trees and Water Symposium

On September 28, 2010, Bonestroo hosted the Trees & Stormwater Symposium, a day-long event dedicated to the promotion of integrating trees with stormwater management. The Symposium featured leading practitioners and researchers, including Swedish expert Örjan Stål.  Bonestroo is on the cutting edge of trees and green infrastructure and stormwater.  This website lists much more than just the presentations from the conference, it is a literal treasure chest of trees and stormwater resources.  It also includes The Stockholm tree planting manual is an 83-page document with specific and detailed information about tree planting methods in urban areas.

Urban Stormwater BMP Performance Tool
This Urban Stormwater BMP Performance Tool has been developed to provide stormwater professionals with easy access to approximately 220 studies assessing the performance of over 275 BMPs.

Urban Forestry South Expo

Research, presentations, and papers having to do with urban forestry in the southeast.  Topics include inventorying, canopy studies, emerald ash borer control, master gardener modules, carbon credits, tree failure, surveys, and much more.

Drought and Landscape Plants by Bruce Fraedrich, Ph.D.

Discusses plant health care in drought and the uses and effectiveness of mulching, irrigation, fertilization, proper pruning, and integrated pest management.   Also discusses symptoms of plants suffering from drought.

¿Cómo plantar un árbol?

Guia a cultivar arboles?