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The Truth About Trees

 “The Truth About Trees is the first full-length documentary film series to explore the indispensable role of trees for all life on Earth. Like filmmaker Ross Spears' previous series, Appalachia, The Truth About Trees demonstrates that…

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2 Replies · Reply by Chris Flores Feb 21, 2016

Leaf drop

What are some possible causes for trees, such as young(2-3 years) Oaks, to loose all their leaves except on the ends of the branches? The trees are in Chicagoland.

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5 Replies · Reply by Bud Reaves Oct 10, 2014

To prune Citrus trees?

I see out of the window in my office that my grapefruit and my lime are growing long, skinny, snakelike branches. Should I ask my man to prune them? We're not seeing fruit and I'm fairly certain that citrus are more like bushes.. Also, just…

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