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The Truth About Trees

 “The Truth About Trees is the first full-length documentary film series to explore the indispensable role of trees for all life on Earth. Like filmmaker Ross Spears' previous series, Appalachia, The Truth About Trees demonstrates that natural histor

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2 Replies · Reply by Chris Flores Feb 21, 2016

Shade Tree Suggestions

I live in Australia and I have a 80x60 backyard. I would like to plant a shade tree, as right now we do not have any shade.

I would like a shade tree that would grow fast and with interesting shape and fall color, preferable native trees as well.

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2 Replies · Reply by Oscar Kane Nov 14, 2015

How many leaves on a tree?

3284567854?profile=RESIZE_480x480Many think about leaves in the fall, but what about spring when trees come out of dormancy and have to bud out all those leaves. As for the number, I have seen estimates as high as 7 million and as low as 20K for a mature tree. My guess it is probabl

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