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Florida began celebrating Arbor Day in 1886, following an impassioned speech delivered the previous year at the first Southern Forestry Congress. The state Arbor Day is celebrated on the third Friday in January, which is the first state to do so in the United States. (OK, Louisiana shares that date).

South Carolina Arbor Day was created by legislation in 1934. They celebrate on the first Friday in December, which coincides with the beginning of their tree planting season. Is this the last  state Arbor Day celebration in the US?

Tennessee began around 1875, but not officially until 1946.

Alabama started theirs in 1887. They have an entire Arbor Week, the last full week in February each year.

Kentucky Arbor Day also began in 1887. They celebrate on the first Friday in April.

Oklahoma started celebrating Arbor Day in 1903, four years before they became a state!

Georgia began Arbor Day in 1890, and celebrates each year on the first Friday in February.

Texas commenced Arbor Day in 1889, in Temple, where lots of forestry still takes place.

Let's hear about YOUR state celebration and origins!!___________

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  •   That's "Tree Board," not Tree Boar.  I really should proofread.

  •   Our City of Tomah is celebrating its first Arbor Day in...well...who knows when?  As a member of our new Tomah Forest Advisory Board, I've asked around, and nobody seems to have a memory of the last time that the city celebrated.  Some organizations, schools, local military installations, etc. celebrate regularly, or on occasional years, but as far as I know our community as a whole has not celebrated this day for quite some time.

      As it is our first year, we are taking it slow and keeping it small.  It is our hope that it will grow as the years go by.

       We are having a ceremonial tree planting, a song by a local musician who is writing a song especially for the day, poetry, speeches, and a middle school-aged poster contest.  It is also a kick-off for our new 'Tree Boar,' that our city council recently gave the go-ahead on.

      We are excited about celebrating Arbor Day on April 26, 2013 here in Tomah, Wisconsin

  • The Town of Greenburgh, in Westchester County NY, recognizes the last Friday in April as Arbor Day, same as new York State. This year, we will be hosting an Arbor Day celebration on Saturday April 13th beginning at 2:00PM at the Greenburgh Nature Center, located at 99 Dromore Road, Scarsdale NY. The program will kick off with an educational program led by International tree expert Frank Buddingh who will teach us how to support the overall health of our trees, and to look for 'signatures' - the subtle signs that often indicate that a tree needs structural attention. Following the educational program will be the reading of the Town's Arbor Day Proclamation by Town Forestry Officer, Aaron Schmidt. Immediately following will be the ceremonial planting of a tree on the Nature Center's grounds courtesy of Mario Pansarella and Sons, with representatives from Savatree and Con-Edison. Afterwards, attendees will have an opportunity to visit educational tables and pick up a free tree seedling for planting on their own property. All are welcome, admission for the event is free.


    -Aaron Schmidt

  • Our new "Tree Board" in Tomah, Wisconsin has joined up with our Middle School Science Club to plan a poster contest and Arbor Day celebration & proclamation on April 26, 2013.

      Our celebration will include, of course, the planting of a new tree on our school grounds.


  • 1080123575.jpegGreetings,

    Colorado celebrates Arbor Day on the 3rd Friday in April. I could not find any info on the great web when Colorado celebrated their 1st Arbor Day, made some calls though. The Town of Basalt Public Gardens & Community Forestry Department is collaborating with the Basalt Middle School Student Council on planting a water wise garden and planting 2- 2” inch ‘Summer Charm’ Peking Lilac trees on Friday, April 19th at 10:30 am at the 7-11 on Two Rivers Road : )

    Basalt's 2012 Arbor Day Celebration with Basalt Elementary 3rd grade class planting a 'Sensation' Maple on Two Rivers Road near School Street.

  • Charlotte, Vermont Tree Warden Larry Hamilton here. As has become tradition, we added two more trees to the school grounds at Charlotte Central School,-18th year. There are now 36 trees. Trees donated by local nursery business along with mulch and fertilizer. Kids help plant and do maintenance on all other trees. Planters are chosen by a tree quiz. Short talk given by Tree Warden.

  • TreesAcadiana, Lafayette, LA  just accomplished our most ambitious planting.  In partnership with the Lafayette Public School Board we planted a screen of mostly native trees along the fence line of their bus fleet parking lot along a well traveled gateway into our City.  85+ volunteers planted 174 trees in 1 1/2 hours!


  • I'm the arborist for the City of Lake Saint Louis (MO). Our Arbor Day this year will be comprised of a chainsaw artist carving our very own Lorax from a tree in Boulevard Park, we'll plant some trees, proclamate, sing and then end the day by watching The Lorax movie in the park! Our big day is May 17...everyone is invited!

  • Our city, Jacksonville, Alabama, is celebrating Arbor Day in the month of February. Our official Arbor Day event will take place tomorrow at the Jacksonville State University campus. The program includes the presentation of the flag by local Boy Scouts, the JSU president's welcome, the mayor's Arbor Day Proclamation, short talks about benefits of trees by speakers from the JSU Earth Club and SGA, presentation of the Johnny Appleseed Award by the chair of the city tree commission, reading of the Arbor Day poem by the Writers' Club contest winner, recognition of city & university tree care staff & volunteers, and ceremonial planting of a tree.

    Earlier in the month the tree commission planned a community tree planting in front of a historic school. We had volunteers from the Boy Scouts, Earth Club, and Historical Society assisting, in the light snow flurries with hot apple cider afterwards. This Friday we will sponsor a tree give-away of close to 2,000 tree saplings that are provided by Alabama Power and the Alabama Forestry Commission. We will have horticultural staff and Garden Club members on hand to offer tree planting and care information. Our local newspaper has been great about covering these events!
  • Ma. celebrates Arbor Day on April 26th this year.  The Fall River Street Tree Planting Program, Inc. in collaboration with the Fall River Public Library will be reading to children and their parents on the lawn and property where our state chamption Tulip Poplar tree is located.  In addition a tree will be planted with the help of little hands at our recently opened Children's Museum in Fall River, Ma. and where our mayor will proclaim Arbor Day 2013. 

    Mary Ann Wordell

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