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What tree question can you think of that most tree enthusiast could answer?  Remember, you do not want to be discouraging, you just want it to be enough that a someone or something that is not interested in trees, would not bother to answer.  As an example the current question is; What is the common name for Quercus Alba?

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  • Hey Eli,

    Your question could actually work as I could put both yes and no. The real obstacle is preventing a robot approach to spamming a site.  That question might short circuit a spamming routine. 

  • If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around, does it make a noise?  

  • Do the lowest branches of a tree rise as a tree grows?

  • What type of tree produces acorns?

  • Great answers everyone. As we had two spammers post content over the holiday, I plan on deploying our new questions!  Thank you.  Neil

  • What does CODIT stand for. answer: compartmentalization of decay in trees

    or Who is considered the father of modern arboriculture? Dr. Alex Shigo

  • What is happening to the beautiful American Chestnut Tree, and can we do anything to save it? It is so good to nut eating animals!

  • White Oak...   ;)

    What type of trees produce the resin that makes turpentine?

  • Who says tree people are dumb. I like all of these.....


  • I think this is a good idea and I liked the suggestion of the state tree

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