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What has been your favorite summer tree moment?

Being married to a tree enthusiast can be trying for the less tree-centric.I often find myself enthusiastically pointing out trees and their related phenomena to my family only to be received with a groan. That said, I cannot help myself, trees are what I am most passionate about. Of course, on vacation, I am constantly stimulated by the trees as I am not typically as familiar with trees in a new area so everything seems so interesting. This summer I was in the Southwest and had many tree highlights. Below is my quick list. Please share some tree highlights from your vacation in the comment area below.

  1. I learned that dendrochronology was used to determine the weather patterns during the time of ancient societies in the Southwest. It turns out they used lots of wood in their buildings that could than be used to measure weather conditions by looking at their rings. Using dendrochronology scientists have discovered there was a 70 year drought in the 14th century that corresponded to the abandonment of many of the settlements
  2. Juniper bushes are trees in the desert, often providing the only shade for miles.
  3. Pinyon pines are very common and have great formations with their gnarly growth.
  4. I learned that during the time of early settlements around 1000 years ago, forests were much more common due to cooler temperatures. 
  5. I experienced amazing sycamore trees along the stream in Sedona, Arizona converting desert to shaded paradise.

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