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Tree ordinance for a ridgetop community?

Does anyone have an example of a tree ordinance for a ridgetop community that wants to protect the ridgelines, but is sensitive to the view that people come to enjoy? 

According to the city manager, with their current 25% rule, people could foreseeably cut a huge swath of trees on one side of the property to get a view, while maintaining the other trees around the home. This is not always agreeable with the person on the other side of the mountain that faces them. Also, there is no easy way to monitor the 25%... is that lifetime, annually, weekly, etc.

The community is trying to come up with regulations that are easier to manage. It is very subjective right now depending on who the building inspector is at the time and they want residents to be able to read the ordinance and understand what they can or cannot do, and why they can anticipate if the city will or won’t approve a request.

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