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  • I signed up as well. Love the photos. Heartily endorse the suggestion  to create a mirror group on  this site. I know Robert will be pleased with the level of discussion and social/municipal impact achieved via The Grove.

  • Neat.  Let me know if you would be interested in starting a Street Tree Group in American Grove. We have 3000 members to draw from and many them are arborists, foresters, etc.  You can post photos, forums, discussions, and upload attachments and best of all then share out to your Facebook page. 

  • This is a person interest page.  I was looking for an outlet of my extensive research on the benefits of street trees and my many years of photo taking. Another goal is to find other like-minded people that feel street trees are critical to creating a lovable city.  Thanks for joining the street tree discussion.  -Robert

  • Great, the Grove just liked your page  I was curious if this is just a personal interest or part of a larger effort.  Thanks for posting!  Neil

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