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Seven years ago

It has been seven years since we lost Dr. Alex Shigo.  I first had the opportunity to meet him in 1984 when the Colorado Tree Coalition (back then it was the Coilordo Urban Forestry Council) co-sponrored the National Urban Tree Symposium.  We began a great friendship, which brought him to Colorado another seven times to share his knowledge with rocky mountain arborists.  Going on thirty years, I have witnessed many changes in Arboriculture.

Take a minute or two to think back about how Alex and many of the other great educators helped form your career.


As Alex always said, "Touch Trees"


Bill Cassel

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  • I never met Dr. Shigo, but I did read his book and have spoken with many that attended his talks. His approach really inspired me to be more in touch with trees, to physically interact with the trees to better understand them.  I also enjoy his quote about Arboriculture being a science and an art.   

     "Science is an orderly process of collecting, connecting and recording information about natural systems. Science is understanding. Science is mind.

    Art is a process requiring skills to produce a product or performance considered attractive or pleasing. Art is doing. Art is muscle.

    Arboriculture is the cultivation of trees. To cultivate healthy, attractive and safe trees both mind and muscle must be used. Arboriculture is an art and a science."

  • I only met Dr. Shigo once. It was when he and Dr. Donald Marx were at a conference together. Dr. Marx is the God of Mycorrhizae and they have almost come to blows at times. It is my understanding that Dr. Shigo softened his views before he left us.

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