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  • An unfortunate down-side to the use of the sit-on-the-ground doughnut style watering bags is if they are forgotten about during the winter or staff changes hand and they are forgotten about, they can prevent rain water from penetrating the rootball and eventually girdle a tree. I'm still finding the remnants of long-ago (6+ yrs) forgotten watering bags particularly under trees in poor health as they have been hidden under the mulch. ; (
  • Side note, I saw a community a while back that had the flat round dounuts....not sure which brand. Anyway - they put them under the mulch - which maybe that is what people smarter than me know to do, but I had only seen them on top of the ground. Anyway - I thought that made a lot of sense. No mulch to go through, less likely to be stolen, not an eyesore....
  • I should have said the tree gator juniors. I don't care for the tall water bags myself. The juniors are brown and lay on the ground so they are not as noticeable.
  • Functionally they are similar with the exception that ooze tubes stay farther away from the root collar. Moisture around root collar possibly could lead to decay issues, although I have never experienced that first hand. Aesthetically, I prefer ooze tubes as they are not as visible.
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