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How have you used a gift of a tree?

Trees are planted for many different reasons, from celebration to memorial.  What tree have you planted or given that is most meaningful to you?

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  •    I gave my Mother A Japanese Laceleaf maple when my father passed away.It's meaning is Confirmation,bestowing honor.Balance,Promise,Practicality! My mother WAS aLWAYS practicle.We had to get rid of all the chyrsatemums she was sent,she was so allergic,she would have had an asthma attack.My sister looked "lost" in the nursery and then I saw it,The Japanese LACELEAF MAPLE.This is IT! She always was wanting her"gardening"daughter to move back home!

  • I was at a run down mall near my home and was at the Big Lots and they had some sad looking Sycamore Trees on sale for $10.  I bought one then that week and went to volunteer day at a local nature preserve and brought the tree.  A women that was also volunteering had recently lost her mother I asked if we could plant the tree in her memory.  Her kids were there and we all did an impromptu planting and said some words about her mom.  It was quite moving.  Today that Sycamore is looking great and I think of that touch day. Her name was Margaret Martin.  1080123694.jpeg?width=300 Here is a picture from that day.  1080123702.jpeg?width=300

  • An offer came over this board for a free tree, a daughter tree of the white oak that stood at the historic Little Rock schoolhouse. State forester Neil Letson brought the tree from Arkansas, I think. Matt McCollough got the tree from him in Montgomery and brought it to Auburn. My dad, who is 81 now and long-time forest volunteer, brought it from Auburn to Jacksonville, Alabama. After a little searching by the tree commission, the tree found a very happy home along a bicycle path behind the Jacksonville Community Center. Its planting was celebrated as part of Black History Month. I heard that the historic trees nursery went out of business, so we were lucky to get one of the last ones. I would appreciate any leads on other historic trees to add to our collection of one special tree.
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