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How do you measure canopy reduction?

The pruning guidelines in our area are to take no more than 20% of the canopy from a healthy mature tree.  I believe the trees in our HOA are overtrimmed.  Does anyone have any pictures or ways to measure canopy reduction?  It seems like photos of various amounts of canopy reduction would be provided to all trimmers, but it is not the case in my area.  Thanks for any help. -- Eva

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  • Great question! Pruning is an art, and there are different objectives which change for each tree based on size and species and objective of the clints. In general, you should hire an experienced arborist to highlight which branch. Good on you for questioning the pruning strategy of your HOA. Perhaps you can understand their objectives and then make sure they hire a professional tree company with an arborist/pruning expert. Remember there are sometimes conflicting objectives, for example utility companies often conflict with home owners on the amount of pruning that should take place. One thing is for sure, that taking an interest in the trees, often improves the outcome of the pruning.
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