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How do Trees Work for you?

Trees are oldest and hardest working residents. Just last week on American Grove we shared that pecans are up to $8 a pound and just how looking at a tree can lower your cortisol levels. How do trees work for you?

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  • I sell paw paws (Asimina Triloba) that I grow at a local farm market when they are in season.  I also freeze a bunch of them for personal enjoyment throught the year.  Soon my chestnuts will be bearing enough to begin selling, either raw, roasted, or perhaps as prepared Maron Glasse (a French treat).  Perhaps 10 years from now my pecans will be bearing enough to begin selling.  I am growing timber types of trees also, but I must admit that I am a tree horder.  I cannot imagine cutting down my paulownia, burr oak, hybrid poplar, and walnuts for timber.  They are just too beautiful, and the web of life that revolves around them is just as beautiful.

  • Trees give me LOVE! I cannot imagine the childhood I had without the numerous trees I had to climb on a daily basis!!!!!

  • Pecans here in southern Virginia are up to $11.00 a pound. Thankfully, we have a Pecan grove here at the Chesapeake Arboretum for all our visitors to take advantage of, and they are free.

  • My father grew a lot of trees on our 1.5 acre Chicago-land home. I remember often hurdling a row of norway and blue spruce as a kid. Now, when I return home and see those trees, most towering 50 feet or more, I'm forever taken back, with respect and majesty, to that time of seemingly limitless possibilities. Trees have shaped these memories for me, and I can't help but wonder how my thoughts might be as barren as an urban heat island without them.   

  • Speaking as a nursery person, I know of few occupations that allow you to pay ahead to future generations. I have trees to thank for that.
  • I would go insane without trees to listen to, to soften the world, to watch the wind blow through as they tickle the sky.  I need trees to keep me grounded and centered.  Trees comfort me, make me happy


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