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Have you experienced Arborglow?

You might have heard of Alpinglow s an optical phenomenon in which a horizontal red glowing band is observed on the horizon opposite to the sun, typically on a mountain. Well, we want to know if you have experienced Arborglow, a similar phenomenon but with trees instead of mountains. It is that moment after the sun sets and you look up into the canopy and still see a muted light as the sun sets below the horizon. There is also the pre arborglow moment when the sun sets and the tree is back lit by the sun, this is particular special when in the forest and the sun light diffracts though the trees. Share your experience or photos with these phenomena and if you have not experienced or heard of it before, remember you heard it first on American Grove. The best photo or comment posted before May 15th, 2014 to capture this phenomena will receive an American Grove mug, hat, and/or shirt ! Post in a comment below. 

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  • Above: A series of pics from Fox Lake on Beaver Island Mi, facing east here, over a bog on the distance. If ever there was an arborglo-it is here! Lake Michigan is behind me here just a mile or so and the diminishing daylight seems to last forever! This verdant island is covered mostly in beech, birch, sugar maple, red oak, and huge hemlock and pine. Ed Max

  • 1080123775.jpeg?width=721

  • Here are some recent shots.

  • The golden glow in the trees is so striking!!  Thanks for sharing.

  • I love visiting Tuscon, Arizona, a city surrounded by four mountain ranges, whose story is rather enthralling if you ever get a chance to visit.  The views there are amazing, and although the trees are mostly desert types, hardy little guys like mesquite, the legumes of which make great pancakes.  Anyways, here are a couple photos I took at sunset on December 21, 2013 (sorry for the poor resolution, I took them on my iPhone).

  • We see this every night we watch for it.

    We have several large oaks higher on the hill we live on that, when occupied, have birds that level up as the sun sets. In later fall thru late spring you can watch this with regularity.

    I sometimes sit (stand) on my deck and watch this thinking I am the only one who sees this and truly appreciates this phenomenon, then I watch the birds and realize we all see and recognize this as beauty.

  • I bore easily so I take pictures

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