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Do you track the trees you plant?

How do you track them?  Maps, tablet, photos, GIS layer, American Grove. Trees plantings are often family, friends, community getting busy in the Earth which make for great photos. Storing them on your profile on American Grove helps motivate others and gives you a place to put them. Best of all Tracking your tree plantings can be motivating to plant more. Upload your latest tree planting on American Grove. No matter where you upload it (blog, profile, activity feed, forum) it as long as you are signed it, it will be time stamped and stored in your profile. Share your tree tracking method or why you don't track your plantings?

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  • I just noticed that talking to trees on the ipad has an import function.  Check out the presentation at

  • I have always been a big fan of Filemaker.  It is easy to use and has been around for ever.  It also comes with some nice templates and is easy to customize.  They also have lite version for tablets that looks really neat.

  • I have been searching for a database that I could import my excel spreadsheet into.  I have had no success in learning Access on my own.  What programs are you using, how long have you used them & at what cost?

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