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Can not plant a tree

Good afternoon thank you for your inf is helpful.
One question. Why some association give Me A hard time to plan a tree .
When this is  Good for everyone 

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  • Hello Carlos, thanks for your qustion! Are you referring to your homeowner association? If so, this is a great opportunity for you to educate your association leaders on the vlaues and benefits of trees! My home grove, Georgia Urban Forest Council, has an excellent publication called Shade magazine posted online that contains lots of information that may be helpful to share with neighbors and association leaders.  Shade magazine can be accessed here: If the homeowner's association needs guidance on trees and greenspace, Davey Tree has their publication, "HOA Tree and Natural Resource Management Manual," which can be found here:

    Has anyone else run into similar obstacles with a local tree planting project? Any tips or advice on reaching out to association leaders?

    SHADE Magazine
    • Thanks for your respond.yes the HOA. 

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