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Bonnie Appleton Memorial Fund

Anyone who met or worked with Dr. Bonnie Appleton quickly realized what an amazing person she was. She had a passion for her work in horticulture and arboriculture, and shared that enthusiasm with all who knew her.

In honor of Bonnie and to remember her legacy, MAC-ISA and Trees Virginia have established the Bonnie Appleton Memorial Fund with the TREE Fund and are working to raise $100,000 for our initial amount to endow an annual scholarship for college juniors or seniors in the green industry field.  The Bonnie Appleton Memorial Fund and Scholarship program will be a tribute and legacy for all of Bonnie's accomplishments.  We have raised over $30,000 in 2013 but need your help to reach our $100,000 goal in 2014.

Her areas of research included: 

  • Utility easement-compatible trees and shrubs; development of utility line arboreta;
  • Landscape installation systems - wire basket modification; tree stabilization (staking vs. root ball anchoring);
  • Tree wounds vs. % of tree girdled;
  • Selection and Use of Mulches and Landscape Fabrics;
  • Bare rooting trees at transplant; root "washing" at transplant;
  • Viability and usefulness of mycorrhiza inoculation, and 
  • Using trees for phytoremediation.

Bonnie was a facilitator who brought together arborists, horticulturists, nursery personnel and utility professionals to work collaboratively to solve industry issues.  The tree care industry will continue to benefit from all of her hard work.  This scholarship will help support worthy students continuing in her footsteps to benefit the green industry.

Donate online at the TREE Fund and select the Bonnie Appleton Memorial Fund (third one down).  All donations are tax deductible.  

Visit the MAC-ISA website for more information on Bonnie's life and accomplishments and a form to donate.

Thank you for your contributions in honor of Bonnie Appleton! 

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