2018's Great American Tree Competition

Announcing 2018's Great American Tree

The Lone Hill United Methodist Church National Champion Eastern Redcedar (Juniperus virginiana), has planted a legacy upon the residents of Coffee County, Georgia and within the hearts of American Grove members.

2018’s Great American Tree, the Lone Hill United Methodist Church National Champion Eastern Redcedar, is as strong as it is sturdy, lifting the spirits of those who have come into contact with its encompassing stature in the cemetery that traces its history to it first known burial in 1848.

Through the years the tree has been featured in such varied publications as the Douglas EnterpriseSmithsonian magazine, Janisse Ray’s book Wild Card Quilt, and the Coffee Historical Society’s Coffee Chronicles. Those visiting will witness a majestic tree that has nurtured and sheltered generations of the faithful. 

Recent measurements re-affirmed this Eastern Redcedar’s stature as a National Champion.  The circumference of the trunk is 251 inches, its height is 56 feet, and the crown exceeds 88 feet. The estimated age is approximately 250 years old.

This humbling giant remains immortal to those who have had the pleasure to stumble across it. Standing under its shade, there is a calm and somber atmosphere while providing comfort to those who need it most. This tree is more than just a community member, it is a family member for those who have loved ones resting in Coffee County. 

All submissions received in our 2018 Great American Tree Competition, from the youngest sapling to decade old oaks, aid in the celebration of our nation’s diversity of trees. Each of the 15 submissions represents the American Grove motto "Plant Your Legacy." Click a photo entry below to learn more! 

Cherrybark Oak at Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Species: Quercus pagoda

Location:Atlanta, Georgia

This cherrybark oak is quite a special tree.  It's located on the grounds of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in the middle of Atlanta.  Numerous cancer patients live for free in this home run by the Hawthorne Dominican Sisters.  This tree serves as a beacon of strength and hope for the patients who reside here.  It's also under the giant canopy that many celebrations and gatherings with patients and their families are held.  Additionally, this is the single largest (state champion!) tree in all of Atlanta with a whopping 411 champion tree points.  The trunk is 276 inches in circumference and the crown reaches 102 feet into the sky and averages 120 feet wide.  It sits just a baseball's throw away from the old Turner Field and the I-75/85 connector as well.  The City of Atlanta is lucky to have such a lovely and iconic tree survive right in the middle of this sprawling metropolis known as the City in the Forest.  May it continue to live and provide happiness for many people well into the future!

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