2018's Great American Tree Competition

Please enjoy all the beautiful nominations we recieved in this year's competition. Click a photo below to learn more! Vist our homepage to cast your vote for your favorite Great American Tree! Voting closes midnight (ET) on June 22nd.

Cherrybark Oak at Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Species: Quercus pagoda

Location:Atlanta, Georgia

This cherrybark oak is quite a special tree.  It's located on the grounds of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in the middle of Atlanta.  Numerous cancer patients live for free in this home run by the Hawthorne Dominican Sisters.  This tree serves as a beacon of strength and hope for the patients who reside here.  It's also under the giant canopy that many celebrations and gatherings with patients and their families are held.  Additionally, this is the single largest (state champion!) tree in all of Atlanta with a whopping 411 champion tree points.  The trunk is 276 inches in circumference and the crown reaches 102 feet into the sky and averages 120 feet wide.  It sits just a baseball's throw away from the old Turner Field and the I-75/85 connector as well.  The City of Atlanta is lucky to have such a lovely and iconic tree survive right in the middle of this sprawling metropolis known as the City in the Forest.  May it continue to live and provide happiness for many people well into the future!

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