The Fall Foliage Forecast & Prediction Map for 2019

Happy Autumn! Use the interactive map below to plan your autumn getaway! Slide the bar (beneath the map) to see when peak foliage is predicted in your area. Share your fall foliage photos with us @plantyourlegacy!

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Trees and Spirituality

Modern science tells us that everything in the universe is simply energy. Photosynthetic organisms are the only beings capable of converting and disseminating solar energy. Collective forests of the world create a vast network of interlinking energy. They support and balance the earth’s biosphere while also assisting in vibrational harmony.
Humans have always had a unique relationship with nature. Ancient mythologies and beliefs have revered trees as symbols of wisdom, power, renewal, and fertility. The Cosmic Tree or the Tree of Life has been commonly celebrated and worshipped throughout all regions of the earth. Groves were regarded as sanctuaries for spiritual journeys. The largest, and therefore wisest, trees have been used as channels for connecting with the divine.
There is no coincidence that spiritual leaders such as Jesus Christ and Buddha offered teachings and achieved enlightenment under the canopy of trees. Our perception of nature expands as we develop our spiritual beliefs and practices. Some trees may be calming and relaxing; others may be energizing and evoke inspiration. Each tree species has a unique set of qualities that it imparts to the wider environment.
Trees connect and integrate two planes of existence, with roots anchored deep within the earth and their crowns diverging towards the heavens. Trees are known to affect our physical and mental being. A walk in the forest has been shown to decrease stress and promote a calmer demeanor. Trees perpetuate the natural flow of energy throughout the earth. Additionally, these organisms may also accompany us on our own spiritual journeys if we let them.

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