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Everyone has a favorite tree. It’s a landmark to your community, has a compelling story, or makes a huge environmental contribution. It personifies perseverance or is a testament to history. It’s grand and noble or small and dignified. Whatever statement your favorite tree makes, nominate it - in the first annual Great American Tree Competition. More Info.

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Managing Change in Our Community Forests: a Toolkit for Action

Managing Change in Our Community Forests: a Toolkit for Action Oregon Community Trees Thursday, June 4, 2015 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (PDT) Portland, OR Invasive pests, changing climate regimes and increased urban density will cause changes in our urban forests in the coming years. What tools and strategies can managers use today to help our community forests adapt? This one-day conference will provide participants with a toolkit full of possibilities, based on the most recent research in our…

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How many leaves on a tree?

Many think about leaves in the fall, but what about spring when trees come out of dormancy and have to bud out all those leaves. As for the number, I have seen estimates as high as 7 million and as low as 20K for a mature tree. My guess it is probably around 200K on a large mature tree.  Do you know a good source to measure the number of leaves.  My favorite was from Georgia Gardner Walter Reeves for the simplicity. Below are some sources. Do you have a better source? The photograph is from…

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From Mark Bays, Oklahoma
I had someone ask me if there was a software package to help with tree ID.  I know of the leaf snap app and there are sites like the one below but do you have other interactive sites to help with tree ID?  He is a nursery ow…
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Nominated by Ron Phillipi
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This is the Great Oak of Collingswood NJ. It is well over 200 years old it stands on the grounds of the Scottish rite theater at 315 White Horse Pike in Collingswood NJ. This is one of my favorite photos sowing the tree during the change of seasons…
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Nominated by:  Dave Wenning
I would like to submit this Ancient Douglas Fir for the Great American Tree Search.
 Species:  Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)
 Location:  West Beach, Sand Dune Interpretive Trail, Deception Pass State Park, Washingto…
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