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How do you measure canopy reduction?

The pruning guidelines in our area are to take no more than 20% of the canopy from a healthy mature tree.  I believe the trees in our HOA are overtrimmed.  Does anyone have any pictures or ways to measure canopy reduction?  It seems like photos of various amounts of canopy reduction would be provided to all trimmers, but it is not the case in my area.  Thanks for any help. -- Eva

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1 Reply · Reply by Administrator Dec 8, 2015

Shade Tree Suggestions

I live in Australia and I have a 80x60 backyard. I would like to plant a shade tree, as right now we do not have any shade. I would like a shade tree that would grow fast and with interesting shape and fall color, preferable native trees as well.

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2 Replies · Reply by Oscar Kane Nov 14, 2015

Reducing Tree Damage from Trimming Along ROW's

I have agreed to speak to the Alabama Department of Transportation’s Vegetation Management group in several sessions.  They are interested in more tree-healthy alternatives than the method currently used by contactors for mechanical trimming” and also in the use of “herbicide trimming”.  Any information or contacts on these topics would be appreciated.     I don’t know if this is southeast wide, but was told that Homeland Security Rules have increased fines for outages and blockages creating…

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3 Replies · Reply by Ellen Roane Jul 30, 2015


Congratulations to our 2015 Great American Tree Competition winner and our second and third place winners, and kudos to all who nominated your own outstanding trees. All thirty-eight trees are truly remarkable and a gem in the crown of their respective states! 

The nomination period for next year’s Great American Tree Competition will be announced in April 2016. 


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